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Visit for a personal fitment for you and your vehicle

  • Seats
  • Brackets, Adapters, Sliders
  • Harness Bars, Roll Bars, Roll Cages
  • 4pt, 5pt, 6pt Harnesses
  • Steering Wheels

• Brake Pads,Rotors, BBK
• Data Acquisition
• Fluids
• Race car accessories
• Performance accessories


Our focus is for your focus

Ross Bentley, Speed Secrets -  "What works best... relaxing and simply focusing on the specific techniques it takes to drive well. What would happen if you solely focused on looking into the End-of-Braking point and on how smoothly you released the brakes? Or on being smooth with your steering? Or focusing on looking even further ahead? Or on committing to full throttle sooner?"

If your vehicle is track-ready, if you are track ready, if there are no issues to distract you while driving on the track then you will be a better driver and safer. Ill-fitting shoes, tight gloves, an uncomfortable seat, loose wiring, a helmet that hits the car roof are all distractions that lead to loss of focus. Remember, all distractions are dangerous.

There's a lot involved but we can guide you through the process. 



From $300.00 / Per SEAT




FROM $250.00 / Per SEAT


For complete service - make an appointment

We love to help. However, we know the process of correctly preparing you and/or your vehicle for a track event takes time. In addition, we know many of our customers travel long distances to reach us. To facilitate these issues we recommend customers contact us for an appointment. We regularly extend our hours to accommodate  busy schedules.


current certifications

We aim to supply products with the latest SFI and/or FIA certifications.  We always stock sufficient products to fit you and demonstrate the various characteristics of our brands. If we do not have the item in stock and/or cannot supply a young certification date we can drop ship the product to your home, your garage or bring it into the showroom. Most products take between 1 - 7 days to arrive.

If you need specific help, or need an after hour appointment just call, message, e-mail


  • All custom items are non-refundable
  • 30 day return policy after date of purchase- Items not used, in perfect condition, boxed and with a legitimate reason for return can receive a full refund. Return shipping costs may or may not be included.
  • A restocking fee, and shipping costs are placed on items returned after 30 days of date of purchase. This varies from 10-30%, depending on the manufacturer and where the item is returned to.