About us

'getting it right the first time.'

It is not a myth a passion for motorsports is hard on the wallet. It is also a labyrinth of regulations, frustrations, inexperience, unexpected complications and then those horrible expensive mistakes.Track First was created to redress these issues and more - with a direct personal touch. We can address your problems with expertise and experience - whether you call us, email, message or visit our showroom.

The showroom is designed to offer that ‘touch and feel’ experience. For example you can ‘test-drive’ a seat while wearing a fire-suit, with a harness, a helmet and a head and neck restraint. We have customers who took an hour to choose a pair of gloves - and that’s OK, because we want you to ‘get it right the first time.’

The products and brands we offer have been researched for their quality, technology and value-add. We have used many of the items ourselves and always assimilate the feedback from our customers. We love to keep current with the latest technology and innovations - regularly adding great new products.

At the showroom it is not possible to stock a large amount of product, and in many cases we choose not to because of the SFI, FIA, and other regulatory, certified and dated tags. However, we display multiple brands and sufficient product diversity to be able fit you and satisfy your needs. If we do not have the items(s) in stock we will drop-ship them. Depending on locations and whether in stock, this usually takes less than a working week.

TRACK FIRST, 2636 Brecksville Rd, Richfield OH

TRACK FIRST, 2636 Brecksville Rd, Richfield OH