What happened to Pirelli World Challenge?

Grassroots Motorsports published an article (February 2019) - “World Challenge Study Guide” and asks what’s up with PWC, then suggests we grab a pencil to take notes, because yes it is that complicated.

So we did. And to help our customers understand we took the notes and added some visuals

The 2019 series will kick-off March 1-2 at COTA

pwc explained  beginning 1.jpg

What happened to PWC?

For 2019 there is no Pirelli except….

pwc explained gt4 5.jpg

There is no Pirelli World Challenge

Except Pirelli is sponsoring the new series GT4 America.

Which will be split into 2 classes with an east and west series. Sometimes the series will race together, mostly not.

Note drivers will be subject to the FIA ratings

gt4 drivers explained 1.jpg

Sprint & Sprint X

At venues Sprint drivers will compete with two 50 minutes races per weekend.

Sprint X drivers will race two 60 minutes races per weekend

blancpain gt world challenge 1.jpg

The top GT (GT3)Division…

is now the called the Blancpain GT World Challenge America - yes a mouth-full. No surprise since the Stephane Ratel, now the major shareholder of the new WC vision, created The Blancpain Series.

So GTS is gone!

pwc explained 4.pub.jpg

Unique to the US

The PWC TRC class by most accounts was a 2018 success, so to accommodate this growing platform SRO a TC (touring car class) consisting of TC, TCA and TCR classes. TC and TCR are bought as race cars directly from the manufacturer. TCA cars are built to TCA specifications. So it is possible, as of now, to take a street car and turn it into a race car. Although it seems that’s changing - soon.

TC America will have 8 events consisting of 40 minute races. TCR gets a little bit more complicated

tc DGS logo 1.jpg


In hindsight SRO could see they might could lose some TCR entries - the slower ones with the direct shift gearboxes (DSG). So not disappoint these teams the series created the DSG Cup Series. These cars will race with the TCR cars (those using sequential transmissions) but have their own podium (?)

All TC drivers will be subject to FIA ratings - even though it is uique to the US (?)