STILO ST5 GT COMPOSITE + Electronic Kits

STILO ST5 GT COMPOSITE + Electronic Kits

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The Stilo ST5 GT is the new generation of full-face helmet from Stilo.   The kevlar fiber composite shell is slightly thicker than the carbon shell helmet so it is slightly heavier but offers the same features and protection at a lower price.

The ST5 GT is designed to satisfy those closed cockpit drivers who yearn for a larger eyeport. The cutout for the eyeport is taller than the standard Formula version and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening.

The ST5 GT carries a Snell 2015 certification, satisfying almost all racing sanctioning bodies’ requirements for helmet certifications.

Available with Integrated Electronics, Air Supply, and Hydration (or any combination of the three), this helmet offers flexibility while maintaining a clean cabin. There are no wires or hoses hanging down below the helmet – everything integrates seamlessly with the shell.

M6 nuts are integrated into each side of the shell for interfacing with a HANS Device or other head-and-neck restraint.

  • Noise attenuating earmuffs standard
  • Available with no electronics
  • Models with electronics available with ear buds or earmuffs with integrated speakers and a noise-canceling dynamic microphone
  • Intercom plug fully integrated
  • XSmall - XXXLarge (using 3 different sized shells for that perfect fit)
  • Comes with clear visor.
  • Available 10 visor tint variations
  • Choose electronic kit, then choose Left or right
  • Available Ventilation, Hydration systems (extra)
  • Available Integrated Eject system (extra)
  • Hans Posts (extra)
Electronics Kit:
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