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SIMPSON makes it clear and we will always tell you that for your ultimate protection we advise a full-containment cockpit system (cell) in your track and/or race vehicle. This should be at minimum a roll bar, preferably a half cage - best a full cage. In addition a full containment seat; a  SFI or FIA rated helmet; a SFI or FIA rated 6 or 7 pt harness AND the SFI or FIA rated head and neck device.

However, we know not everyone has the full containment set-up on their car. And many have no intention of doing this to their car but they still want to go to the track and put their foot down. Plus, there's all those wonderful HPDE instructors who risk much when they climb into somebody else's vehicle offering the standard 3-pt seat belt.

It's common knowledge now (thank goodness) that head and neck devices save lives. We learnt a year ago at PRI that registered serious neck injuries in autosports were almost at a 0 level! Which is phenomenal.  But what to do about those 3-pt belts?

OEM 3-pt belts are designed to stretch, so that in a crash scenario the forward movement of your body is slowed and then stopped by the air bag. Any acceleration over 42 mph (the Delta V) can caused a serious injury. Of course, on the track that Delta V number happens at lightning speed and with no protection your head is so vulnerable. It's different with a full-containment set-up. Basically your body, including you neck and head, becomes a part of the vehicle's integrated, safety structure (cell.)


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Hybrid s data pics 3.jpg

with a oem 3-pt belt - Not perfect but...

The Simpson Hybrid S is the only FIA approved head and neck device on the market now that has data to prove it can help (see above.) The device offers protection in both a 3-pt and a multiple belt configuration. The device comes with a Seat Belt Anchoring System (SAS.) There are attached rings on the lower chest belt. When in a race seat with 6 or 7 point harnesses the driver (for added protection) can thread his lap belt through these rings. When used with the OEM 3-pt belt these rings are NOT used.

REPEAT - we always recommend the full-containment configuration. Yet, we know this is not always possible. We also know track cars are getting faster. Instructors need to be protected. You need to be protected.

The Hybrid S is not an easily affordable device ($1,095) - but how much is your neck worth? How much is an ER visit? What does it cost you to take sick leave? And what about your family. Come in for an accurate fitting or choose from 5 sizes at our web store.