G-FORCE GF237 Philly race shoe

G-FORCE GF237 Philly race shoe


The G-Force GF237 Philly Racing Shoes are engineered for racing comfort and excellent pedal feel while maintaining the value price G-Force is known for. The attractive 2-tone suede panel construction features a soft-knit, flame retardant interior. The low-profile sole is beveled to not only improve pedal feel, but to reduce any chance of snagging. Finally, the U-Cut ankle allows for a full range of ankle and foot movement and aids in improving the ergonomics of the shoe.

  • Two tone panel construction

  • Soft knit flame retardant liner

  • Slime profile rubberized sole for pedal feel

  • U-cut ankle wrap for flexibility

  • Premium suede outer layer

  • Sizes 6 - 14

  • One color

    • U-Cut Ankle Wrap for Flexibility
    • Premium Suede Outer Layer

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