Illiac crest 1.jpg

The Iliac Crest

It’s the strongest part of your hip bone and it is where your lap belt should rest over.


The Spine

It needs protection

full containment seat nascar style 1.jpg

The Full Containment Seat

diagram seat sup101 1.jpg

The Basics

What matters most

anti-submarine belt 1.jpg

For Best Protection use a 6, 7 or 8 pt Harness

correct shoulder harness position 1.jpg

Shoulder Harnesses

You may be too short or too tall for the harness slot - we should see the light!

harness positions graphics 1.jpg

Shoulder Harness Angles

Aim for 90 degrees!!!

harness positions reclined 6 point 1.jpg

Formula/Single Seater Style

harness positions upright 6 point 1.jpg

Saloon Style

Racetech dummy no halo 1.jpg

Remember full seats offer the best protection

racetech in race car 2.jpg
Racetech full containment carbon seat 1.jpg