Schroth Profi II-Y (2017)

Schroth Profi II-Y (2017)


NOTE this is a 2017 harness contact for latest stocking numbers

This 8 Point HANS harness is a development of a 6 point race harness specifically for use with a HANS device. 6 straps fit as a regular harness does with the extra 2 straps used to secure the HANS device to the drivers shoulders. The main shoulder straps are 3" wide with roll bar attachment ends; while the HANS and lap straps are 2" wide. The lap straps feature Schroth's quick adjust 'flexi belt' system and have clip in attachments ends. The release buckle is a patented RFR lightweight aircraft style.

Supplied with 4 eyebolts and 2 stress plates

FIA Approved for use with HANS

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