SPARCO ALPHA grp light Race Seat on Sale

SPARCO ALPHA grp light Race Seat on Sale

650.00 825.00

Sparco Alpha Grp Light. Ideal for drivers over 200lbs (or 36"+ waists)

FIA 8855-1999; tag not valid after 2023

Note, the life of a race seat can be extended with the use of a back brace after the ‘not valid’ date.

This seat has been a showroom model. It is in ‘as new’ condition.

Sparco no longer produces this seat.

The Sparco Alpha offers a shape that fits more drivers while maintaining a profile designed to fit more easily into a racing chassis. The seat maintains a shape for larger drivers with deep bolstering and generous shoulder supports that are trimmed down for a slimmer profile. The shoulder guides that are optimized for taller drivers (5'10" to 6'3") with standard torso sizing.

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