Leatt Kart Brace

Leatt Kart Brace

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Neck Brace Safety for Karting

Small - age 4 - 16 (thin build)

Medium - age 16 + (average/large build)

The Kart Neck Brace was designed specifically for kart drivers with an over-the-suit fit that integrates perfectly with the seat. It is CE tested and certified, and is fully adjustable with front and rear upper tables.

The core of what makes Leatt's neck braces work is the function of directing the crash forces from your helmet to the body and bypassing the neck, which is called Alternative Load Path Technology (ALPT®).  The adjustability built into all Leatt® neck braces is not only to ensure that it is comfortable, but also ensures a correct fit that assists in optimizing ALPT® effectiveness. We believe that no other neck brace can be adjusted to fit riders as well as a Leatt neck brace can

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