Sabelt CCA622 Saloon Harness

Sabelt CCA622 Saloon Harness


Replacing the previous design which featured 2/3″ combination shoulder straps, the new Silver Series harness from Sabelt uses 2″ belts throughout, secured with lightweight aluminium hardware.

Intuitively adjusted in the cockpit with bright yellow tabs that pull down, changing drivers and entering the cockpit are now simpler and easier than ever. The newly designed cam-lock buckle now integrates the crotch-belts fixture, enabling it’s 2016 homologation and heightening driver safety in the event of an impact.


  • Including comms/hydration routing on top of shoulder straps
  • HANS-friendly silicone grip
  • Both pull up and pull down lap belts with snap hook endings
  • Velcro for loose strap ends

Meets new FIA 8853-2016 homologation

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