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Just arrived in our showroom and new to America comes SABELT'S CCA-622 harnesses. It is a top-end production harness suitable for all saloon cars but specifically designed for GT/Endurance racing. The CCA-622 features make this harness a direct competitor to SCHROTH'S ENDURA BELT. 

SABELT has been reinventing itself over the past 2 years, returning to its Italian roots and focusing on its core businesses such as their highly respected safety belts. Note: SABELT is short for 'safety belts.' They started making safety belts for the auto industry in 1972.

FIA 8853-2016 (new fia harness homologation)

The FIA decided to issue a new safety standard after they became aware of newly released crash data. Drivers are now walking away from 70 g-force crashes. The former FIA harness testing requirements were not subject to these forces - now they are. There are other changes but most noticeable the introduction of H&N  specified harnesses. Harness shoulder straps will either be 2" wide (H&N) or 3" wide. The standard no longer accepts 2"-3" straps.

SABELT - was the first manufacturer to produce harnesses under this new 8853-2016 standard. You can see that the CCA-622 shoulder straps are continually 2" wide.

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silver series standard features

  •  2" width belts throughout. with lightweight aluminum adjusters/hardware
  •  Easy to find bright yellow tabs that pull down making changing drivers and entering the cockpit simpler and easier.
  • The newly designed cam-lock buckle now integrates the crotch-belts fixture - another 8853-2016 requirement.  
  • The black strip sewn onto the Sabelt shoulder log is semi-fixed allowing the containment of communication wiring and/or hydration lines. 
  • HANS-friendly silicone grip on the underside. (The FIA has been made aware that the straps are slipping off the H&N devices and various manufacturers are now offering their own solutions.)

special additional sabelt features for the USA

  • Velcro patches on shoulder straps secure loose ends
  • For the USA the CCA-622 comes with 2 separate sets of straps - pull-up or pull-down straps. This is different from the Schroth Profi Series 'Flexi Belt' system. With this system the end fittings and Cam Latches are wrapped into the harness, making it such that the lap belt can be changed from a pull up configuration to a pull down.
  • The 2018 CCA-622 are available in red, blue and black.
  • Harness is supplied with clip-ends. Variations are available at source.