Recaro Speed V (Corvette)

Recaro Speed V (Corvette)


The V stands for Cor'VETTE.' A track and cruise delight!

New 2018 - Pre-order now.

NOTE - Production for these seats did start in March 2018 and we are told they will be available in June. (Precise date depends on whether you made a pre-order.)

The Speed V is designed to be a bolt-in seat kit for the C5, C6 and C7 Corvette. The seat is based on Recaro's very popular Speed, but has been modified to fit the Corvettes. The insert colors are also designed to match the Corvette's most popular colors.

The Speed seat is an extremely bolstered seat designed to hold up to the rigors of performance driving. The design takes its cue from racing shells, converted to the sports reclining format. The unique design and the materials of the Speed will keep you 'planted' on the track but still keep you comfortable on long trips.

Four accent colors are available, red, blue, grey and yellow.

A Corvette mounting bracket will be available at $299 per side.

Contact us if interested.

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