Wallet-friendly apparel racing bundles that will take you tech inspection and onto the track. Even LeMons and ChampCar  require these items. We have added a SFI undershirt - add, at least, another 3 secs of  flame retardancy.

racequip r.1 price 1.jpg

racequip r.1

Racequip as always been budget friendly but they never skimp on consistency or quality. The suit has been manufactured using fabric that has been treated with a fire retardant chemical. It does wash out - usually takes a minimum of 25 washes and is thicker. We are looking forward to the arrival of their Nomex suit - hopefully July.

alpinestars a.1  price 2.jpg

alpinestars a.1

Last year Alpinestars did something amazing - they introduce an aramid suit under $400. Aramid suits are constructed using fire-retardant thread and so the fire-retardancy does not wash out. They are also lighter and softer. The Knoxville had been designed for the American market  (only SFI) and the American torso  - more generous sizing and up to a EU 66 size.

bundle rs-2 SPARCO s.1 price 1.jpg

sparco s.1

The Sparco Conquest is new for 2018 and it has the advantage of being both SFI & FIA homologated. Sparco suits are a good fit for most males. The bundle is more expensive because we have included our favorite Sparco gloves that retail for $119