Racetech RT4119

Racetech RT4119

from 1,990.00
  • Used by professional teams for national/international competition

  • Fiberglass composite shell

  • Large harness guides

  • Total weight - 21.1 lb. to 22.9 lb

  • Customize with low base cushions and/or side cushions

  • Hans Compatible

  • Vented to driver lower back

  • Offered in Standard, Wide, Tall and Wide+Tall

  • Customization available, please call

  • FIA 8855-1999 homologation

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STANDARD A-24.4" B-22.8" C-14.5" D-18.1" E-18.5" F-36.2" G-24.4" M-15.7"

WIDE A-26.3" B-22.8" C-16.1" D-19.6" E-18.5" F-34.2" G-24.4" M-17.3"

TALL A-24.4" B-25.1" C-14.5" D-18.1" E-18.5" F-38.5" G-26.7" M-15.7"

WIDE+TALL A-26.7" B-25.1" C-16.1" D-19.6" E-18.5" F-38.5" G-26.7" M-17.3"