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New for 2018!

We know motorsports is an expensive passion and we have always done our best to help. This year we have devised a system for our customers to obtain a 2018 personal % discount code which can be used here (online), in the showroom or by contacting us directly. Our aim to reward those drivers who are racers, supporters, enthusiasts and are regular participants at track events. You must belong to a car club we support and present photo evidence of your 2018 membership card.

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To Access Your Code

  • 1) Send us an email with a photo of your 2018 membership card

  • 2) We will email you the details of the program as it applies to your club.

  • 3) We will send you your personal discount code.

  • 3) It is not transferable.

  • 4) We will include details as to how to use the codes and for which products it works. 

  • 5) The code can be used throughout 2018 at any of our final checkouts.

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