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The new FIA standard 8856-2018 offers several improvements on the current FIA Standard 8856-2000. The main improvements brought by this standard are described below:

1. Increase of drivers’ heat transmission (HTI) protection by around 20%, by: a. Increasing overall HTI from an average of 11 seconds to a minimum of 12 seconds b. Introducing a minimum of five seconds HTI in underwear, socks, balaclava and 11 seconds in shoes

2. Upgrade the ISO 9151 test rig and test method, in order to improve repeatability of the tests and consistency amongst all laboratories as well as introducing the stretching of the material for underwear

3. New design and performance requirements for balaclavas, reducing the neck loads during helmet removal

4. Introduction of validity date of 10 years as the R&D showed that the clothing may lose performance due to wear)

5. New marking system in order to help FIA and ASN officials to identify original products

The new FIA standard implementation will follow the below phase-in:-

From 2019, compulsory in Formula E season

From 01.01.2020, compulsory in the following championships: Formula One • WRC for priority 1 crew

From 2020, compulsory in WEC (2020-2021 season). -

From 01.01.2021, compulsory in the following championships • Formula 2 • WRX • ERX • Cross-country -

From 01.01.2029, compulsory in all competitions registered in the International Sporting Calendar

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