FIA 8853-2016

Recent accident racing data analysis was a wake-up call to the FIA. The data showed that drivers were now surviving 70g + crashes. The vehicle's crashworthiness, improved cockpit interiors, new safety regulations, innovative materials were all contributing factors to these astounding statistics. Consequently the FIA realised it was time their harness homologation tested for the forces and energies generated during such 70g accidents. The FIA constructed a new harness homologation - their 8853-2016.

The major changes involves significantly increased sled/crash testing dynamics. For example, the impact speed will be increased from 50+/- to 67 +/- 1kN/h. The peak change in velocity will be increased from 32g to 60+g. The breaking load for straps/webbing (sub-straps) increased from 11.3kN to 25kN.

Notable other changes - Not accepted or qualify for homologation under 8853-2016: 5pt harnesses: V-Strap harness systems (sub-strap with single merge point connection to buckle.) Drivers using Head & Neck Devices must use a 44mm (2") width shoulder strap with no 2" to 3" strap conversion. (See above images.) Such harnesses will have a label designating them as H&N harnesses. Double shoulder H&N strap harness are also homologated under 8853-2016. The under-strap cannot be less than 70mm (3") and the top belt no less than 44mm (2"). These harnesses will also be separately labelled as H&N harnesses. 3" shoulder harnesses and combinations of  3" and 2" straps can receive separate 8853-2016 homologations. Buckle strength tests have increased and they are asking for a red buckle button, making the buckle easier to find in stressed condition. 8854/98 (4pt FIA harnesses) will remain in place for historical cars.

Sabelt was the first company to produce FIA 88553- 2016 harnesses. We will be bringing the brand into the store, and selling it online in 2018. Pre-order your 2018 tag - now! Remember an FIA harnesses homologation is for 5 years, but not from the date (month) of manufacturer. A 2018 harness certification will not expire until December 31 2023.

Timeline for introduction of FIA 8853-2016. After December 31 2017 all manufacturers must produce harnesses that comply with the new standard. This means than by 2023 all series will be required to use the new standard. However, there is a gradual introduction for the professional racing series. Required 2017  - Formula One, WEC (LMP1& LMP2), WRC (RC1.) 2017 + allowed - all international and National Championships. Required 2018 - WTCC, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula E.


SABELT FIA 8853-2016