Mod Pods

Mod Pods


Black Armor ModPods must be installed by an authorized dealer.

Turn your Black Armor Helmet into a GLADIATOR!

Black Armor Modular Pod, or "ModPod", allows for wired communications, drink tube, or Bluetooth Module to be installed on any of their SA2015+ Circuit Pro and Aero Pro models and sizes. 

     Communications come with universal 5-pin connector and 3.5mm stereo jack on the ModPod, and coiled adapter with NASCAR or IMSA connector. This means if you share a car you can always have the right connector, or remove it completely when not used.  Ear speakers installed inside the helmet ensure clear audio; if you use earbuds, plugging into the jack will disconnect audio to the ear speakers...if for any reason your earbuds fail mid-race or become unplugged, the system will automatically revert back to the ear speakers for seamless communications!

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