custom helmet painting

Holly Goddard - custom helmet painting/designs

A frequently asked question - ‘do you know anybody who can paint my helmet?’

Yes, we do. In fact we have more than one person to recommend - however, our newest helmet painter, Holley Goddard, is local and open for business. He owns a custom, auto paint shop and has decided to expands his business by offering custom designs and painted helmets.

Holley’s Auto Body Shop

3905 Cleveland Ave NW.

Canton OH, 44709

Here are 3 examples of his precision work.


ohio state front enhanced web page 1.jpg
ohio state profile enhanced web page 1.jpg

The process

If you win the raffle you visit (or contact) Track First for a helmet fitting. BELL Racing has offered to donate a SA2015 M8 helmet. Value $499.00. Should you prefer another BELL model we can be accommodating.

Your helmet will then be delivered to Holley and he will work with you to help create and then paint your unique design. You can see how professional Holly’s work is.

Briab s helmet from holly 1.jpg

no 7 custom helmet 1.jpg

the raffle

The raffle tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $20.00.

The tickets are available at

The raffle will be drawn at CARFEST August 31 (

The winner will be contacted within 72 hours of the drawing.

ALL proceeds qill be given to The American Cancer Society.