Stand 21 FHR Club Series 3 (new)

Stand 21 FHR Club Series 3 (new)

from 384.00

New to the US market. Previously restricted by a US Patent Stand 21 was prohibited from selling their ‘HANS’ models here. That patent has now expired and that happily means we can now stock the Stand 21 Club Series 3.

What we like.

  • Light - The Series 3 is the new, lighter model. (1.4 lbs medium without the padding.)

  • The internal structure is on view. (Thermoplastic injected resin reinforced with carbon fiber.)

  • The width. There are 2 two sizes (M & L) and the large size works well with broader necks (up to 18”).

  • The added silicon dot. One of the complaints about the ‘HANS’ styled restraints is that they hit the back of the helmets. The dot has been added to protect the helmet and soften the knock.

  • The Bag. Custom shaped .

  • The price. $384 (including the FIA tag) Add $55 for Hans Post Anchor Kit.

FIA 8858-2010

The shoulder width conforms to the new FIA rules which requires the harness shoulder straps width be 2 inches. The device can be worn with 3 inch straps, but we do not recommend this, since the Series 3 does not have pronounced, belt containment wings

20 Degree Recline (most suitable for saloon or sports car use)

Sliding Tether System (better peripheral movement/vision)

Made in France

HANS Anchor Kit:
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