Simpson Hybrid S - 3 Point Belt Compatible

Simpson Hybrid S - 3 Point Belt Compatible

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The Simpson Hybrid S has become very popular with our customers especially with those drivers who are also instructors.

  • FIA approved

  • High quality carbon fiber construction

  • Low profile. No high back to hook on the bars on exit

  • Multiple load paths to dissipate head loads

  • Buckle attachment in front. No bulky straps underneath

  • Molded seat pad and installation manual included

  • 6 sizes: Chest size - Xsmall (32"-36"); small (36"-40"); medium (40-44"); large (44"-48"); Xlarge (48"-52")

  • Price includes HANS post anchor kit

  • Sliding M6 Anchor System +$65.00

  • Price includes the mandatory FIA hologram ($8.00)

  • * (from Simpson) The Hybrid S Head Restraint is FIA approved and is tested and shown to be compatible with 3-point harnesses used by Car Club enthusiasts and High Performance Driving Experiences. This allows Driving Instructors, Auto Manufacturing Test Engineers, and other cars with 3-point harnesses to have added protection. We are pleased to offer protection to this sector of the market, however, Simpson’s top concern is your safety. While on a racetrack for the BEST protection we suggest a Full-Containment Cockpit System that includes a, Full Containment Seat, Snell rated Helmet, FIA or SFI approved Head Restraint, and 7 point seat belt harness system.

**IMPORTANT: The FIA Hybrid S is the ONLY Head and Neck Restraint System tested and approved by Simpson for use with 3-point belts. Other systems that share the "Hybrid" name have not been tested and should not be used with 3-point belts.

Anchor Kit:
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