Our best selling head and neck restraint. Light, affordable, comfortable, free re-certification and made in America.

  • SFI 38.1

  • Weighs only 1.2lb/550 grams

  • 3" shoulder harness slots

  • Two sizes - medium and large. NOTE medium is there most popular size. It fits up to a 6" wide neck. Our customers with thicker necks often have trouble wearing H&N devices, but not with the NecksGen large size.

  • Exclusive new feature, the REV2 LITE comes with free recertifications!

  • NOTE -Free recertifications on the REV2 Lite will be honored for SFI 38.1, (required on SFI 38.1 devices every 5 years.) User/owner is responsible for costs above and beyond a standard recertification procedure, including any parts (ie. tether, shoulder pads, friction pads, hardware, etc.), cleaning fees, and shipping costs. No cost recertifications will only be honored on devices that are 4 years older than the manufacturing or recertification date on the SFI label on the device. If the SFI label is missing, a valid proof of purchase will be required.

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The REV2 Lite is delivered with a fixed tether length that is designed to fit most drivers. However adjustments can be made. You may need to make the adjustment because of neck length, helmet drill location, seating angles, shoulder muscle buile, posture or suit sickness. Decide if you need adjustment using Neckgens slack test.

Slack Test:

  1. Wear helmet and race suit if you use one.

  2. Find a friend, mechanic to help you.

  3. Sit in your vehicle, wear device, buckle up

  4. Connect device to helmet and look straight ahead at the horizon

  5. Have helper slightly pull any slack from the tether all to one side

  6. Pinch tether to form a loop and measure total length of excess tether

  7. Total length should be 2” (1”fold) See image below.

  8. Adjust tether length this has been achieved

  9. To adjust tether - (REV2 only) unscrew pin that holds the tether to the device. Place the pin into another slot- adjusting +/- as required. IMPORTANT Pin must aligned with the back hole in the slot before tightening the screw - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Repeat process until correct length achieve

necksgen  tether adjustment 1.jpg