HANS III - 20 Degree - FIA & SFI

HANS III - 20 Degree - FIA & SFI


The HANS III is significantly lighter than its predecessor-the Sport II. The new polymer is strong enough to allow the collar to be hollow. The sculpted collar and sliding tether system allows for easier vehicle egress.

  • The 20-degree is designed for most upright seats in sedans, sports cars, stock cars, and midgets. ( Note more barrel-chested drivers in these vehicles may find the Model 30 more comfortable.)

  • FIA and SFI 38.1 approved

  • Each HANS III Device includes Vision Advantage PLUS sliding tethers, black contour padding, two PA (post anchor) helmet anchor posts, and full instructions.

  • 2 sizes: Medium (collar size 14"-17") Large (collar size 16"-20")

  • Price includes a Pro-Anchor or Quick-Click (Only SFI approved) helmet anchor. CHOOSE anchor style at checkout


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