Sabelt CCS622 Saloon Harness

Sabelt CCS622 Saloon Harness

  • Sabelt was the first company from our selected best brands to offer race harnesses certified to the new FIA 8853-2016 standard. The FIA changes it’s certificiation standards when it sees a need. In this case, the data showed that drivers were walking away from 70 G-force crashes, but the FIA only asked manufacturers to test their harnesses to 59 G’s. The FIA also wanted to updates other problematic issues and test the harnesses strength from multiple angles.

    Sabelt took the opportunity to update their designs to exceed the FIA demands and add innovative features that assists drivers for comfort and safety.

  • Shoulder straps: full 2’’ width - steel adjuster

  • Shoulder fixing: snap hook - tribar

  • Lap belts: full 2’’ width – steel adjuster Pull Up - snap hook fixing

  • New compact buckle designed with crotches slots integrated to main body

  • Crotches: 2’’ width - snap hook / tribar fixing

  • Meets new FIA 8853-2016 homologation

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