Racetech Magnum Lightweight 6-Point HANS

Racetech Magnum Lightweight 6-Point HANS

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Racetech’s top-of-the-line 6-point harness with FIA tagged 2" shoulder straps. FIA current homolgation requires a 2” strap with the use of a FHR (HANS) device. Features 3" lap straps and 2" crotch straps, which lock in via the FIA regulated 'T' bar to the lightweight cam-lock. 

  • FIA 8853-2016 Compliant

  • Available only in full-lightweight (6.6lbs). Featuring light-weight, smooth-sliding alloy adjusters.

  • Includes snap-hooks, eye-bolts and instructions for mounting. The snap-hooks can be removed to allow wrap-style fixing to roll cages, roll bars or harness bars. Note, for safety reasons, Tack First does not recommend the use of harness bars.

  • Available in black, silver or orange. Custom colors are an obtion but delays delivery.

  •  For you drag racers, note that this harness set is SFI 16.1 compliant.

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