Safety homologations:  FIA, SFI, SNELL, CIKFIA


Focus, Focus, Focus

Our Focus - Comfort, Design, Fit, Form, Function, Performance, Safety & Value - alphabetically stacked but all interconnected.

Your Focus - your Markers

We want every customer to be correctly and comfortably fitted for their track event.  Distracted drivers means loss of focus. Loss of focus equals loss of performance. And loss of focus is always dangerous. 


From $69 / non-sfi, sfi and/or fia

FROM $49 / FIA and/or SFI

FROM $199 / snell sa2015; k2015; cikfia


Prepare with us for your next motorsport adventure

We understand the motorsport business. We provide the products that match its demands and yours. We know what you need. Our experience and knowledge allows us to offer you a unique, personal service that does not stop after a purchase. Visit or contact us with any issue and we will endeavor to answer all your needs.