COOLSHIRT Drag Pack System Complete

COOLSHIRT Drag Pack System Complete


COOLSHIRT Systems® introduces its new DRAGPACK System to help drivers go straight faster! Designed for Drag racers specifically, this complete kit comes with the newly designed DRAGPACK ice based cooler system, a Driver Cooling Vest, an 8 ft insulated hose, and a 7 hr. lithium battery with charger. Reaction times alone can be reduced by as much as 20% with only a 2% loss in hydration. The DRAGPACK system covers 30-40% of the body with cold water circulating through tubing designed to dissipate heat away from the body, in-turn, cooling the core.

Emergency pull release standard on all racing products.

Vest sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Chose cooler size: Mobile Cool 1 (6qt) ; Mobile Cool 2 (12qt)

Weight: 4 lbs

Dimension: 12" x 11" x 16"

Cooler Size:
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