COOLSHIRT 2Cool Compression Shirt

COOLSHIRT 2Cool Compression Shirt


Moisture-Wicking 2Cool Water Shirt (compression)

  1. Athletic Style Compression Shirt

  2. Superior Moisture-Wicking

  3. Reduces Core Temperature

  4. Helps Prevent Dehydration and Heat Stress

  5. Included Fittings Work With CoolShirt Systems

  6. Non-Kink Water Tubing

  7. NOTE compression shirts are tight, so the water can be next to the skin. It is advised that you go up a size for a better fit

    CoolShirt 2Cool Water Shirts are the next generation in core cooling garments and work in conjunction with chilled water systems to reduce your core temperatures allowing you to focus on working or racing. As your bodies core temperature rises fatigue sets in and you may start to lose focus. CoolShirt cooling systems are quickly evolving from a competitive advantage for a few to standard equipment for most.

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