Alpinestars Race Ready

Alpinestars Race Ready


Add a helmet and a head & neck device and you are good to go racing!

Alpinestars Knoxville suit was created for the American market. An economical, larger fitment SFI suit offered in three colors The gloves can contrast or match the suit. Unlike Racequip, Alpinestars does not offer a budget-friendly shoe. We also prefer Racequip because they are a tougher shoe, with a wider footprint and with a size range from 1 - 20!

Bundle includes:

  • Alpinestars Knoxville SFI 3.2A suit (blue, red or black)

  • Alpinestars Tech-1 Start glove (blue, red or black)

  • Racequip Euro boot

  • Racequip SFI socks

  • Racequip SFI headsock

  • FREE ORECA long sleeve undershirt

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