SIMPSON R3 H&N DEVICE (3 pt compatible) XL

SIMPSON R3 H&N DEVICE (3 pt compatible) XL

495.00 700.00

$495 - A re-certified Simpson R3 head and neck restraint. The original R3 was created and produced by Safety Solutions. Simpson bought Safety Solutions and used the R3 design as the bases for their Hybrid S.

The R3, for increased comfort, uses a long, U-shaped foam back padding.

This RS, when re-certified (by Simpson) had it's tethers replaced and the neck tether was converted to a sliding system.

Reasonable offers accepted.

The R3, like the Hybrid 3, can be used with 3 point belts. Also with 5, 6, 7 point harness. However, it has to be emphasized that, when worn with the standard 3 pt car belt system, these devices cannot match the safety standards of a H&N device, 5 - 7 pt harnesses, roll bar or full cage.

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