Race Ready Driver Bundles

We love to help. simplifying a process and saving you some money. 

We know drivers make their apparel decisions based on COMMON needs (sanctioning rules/safety,) fit, style and budget, with budget usually dictating the style AND/OR BRAND. OUR .1 BUNDLES have been chosen to be both wallet-friendly & RACE-READy PLUS They all meet THE MINIMUM SANCTIONED REQUIREMENTS FOR amateur RACE EVENTs. However, wE do WANT TO KEEP YOU AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE, SO WE HAVE ADDED A BALACLAVA AND WITH THE PURCHASE OF A BUNDLE YOU ARE GETTING A FREE SFI CERTIFIED UNDERSHIRT - VALUE $90!

Our bundle packages are currently unavailable. The items will be updated for 2019

racequip r.1 11.jpg

$469.75 Bundle RACEQUIP r.1

Racequip is a budget friendly manufacturer. They work hard to offer advanced features at an entry-level price. Note the Racequip 120 SFI.5 suit uses an outer fabric which has been treated with a fire-retardant chemical. Such suits are heavier and stiffer than the aramid suits which are woven with an fire-retardant fiber/thread.

Every item has the appropriate SFI rating. The Racequip 356 Series gloves have the racer-preferred outside seams and are available in red/black or gray/black. Racequip's suits, boots and the socks have a large size range.

alpinestars a.1 2.jpg


The Knoxville Alpinestars suit is an entry-level (SFI 3.2/A) suit at a remarkable price for an aramid suit. The suit's fabric is woven with an aramid (flame-retardant ) thread which does not wash out. Aramid suits are also lighter & softer. Alpinestars suits are generally known to be slim-fitting but the Knoxville was created for the America market with a wider and looser fit. Note Alpinestars have longer pant lengths than other manufacturers. The suit color can be matched or contrasted with Alpinestars entry-level gloves. We have used Racequip's boots, socks, headsock with a FREE SFI undershirt to complete the bundle 

bundle rs-2 SPARCO s.1 4.jpg


New for 2018 the SPARCO CONQUEST race suit. It's a no frills aramid (Nomex) suit and adds the advantage of  the dual SFI/FIA certification. Aramid suits are lighter & softer and when probably maintained/cleaned these suits do not loose their flame retardancy. The Sparco Lap RG-5 gloves are also new for 2018. We love these SFI/FIA  gloves because they offer the driver-preferred features (outside seams, high-grip silicon patches, sculpted fit...) at a great price. To keep this bundle both entry-level and wallet-friendly we have finished the bundle with products from Racequip including a free SFI undershirt.