NEW - ALFA ROMEO 4C race seat brackets $179.95

We helped persuade our friends at Brey-Krause to design and build a bracket for the Alfa Romeo 4C. We met somebody at the track with a common complaint. Loved his car, loved the experience but the seats did not contain him. He wanted to feel planted and strapped - not constantly having to fight the inevitable g-forces that everybody experiences on a road track. He solely wanted to focus on driving the car - no distractions. (It's also safer that way.)

The solution was, of course, race bucket seats. However, this simple solution usually demands modifications to the car and that's something most track enthusiasts are reluctant to do - as was the case with our customer. Consequently any new seat plus bracket had to fit the stock slides.

The Alfa Romeo is a great car for the track and all performance driving. It has a loyal following but not sold in the numbers that attract manufacturers to make brackets and adapters for the car. Brey-Krause (based in PA,) worked with us, created a solution - the only caveat - they had to be produced in batches of 7. Otherwise it was not cost-effective. Thanks to our customer and his 4C forum friends the first 7 were immediately sold.

Now we are again getting request for the product. But we need pre-orders of seven before we can manufacture. Our price $179.95 each (one seat.)  

Sally Wadsworth