bell helmet custom interiors

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add a custom interior to your bell carbon series

This option (presently) is only offered with Bell’s Carbon Series helmets. Why, because the interior foam, fabric, specifications are unique to this series.

This option adds $180.00 to the price of the helmet. And because this customization is done at source (Bahrain,) it adds 2-5 weeks to the shipping of your helmet.

Eight color options

Note, the gray is the default lining and will not add to the cost of your helmet.

Yes, you can customize your own helmet. As long as it is a Bell Carbon Series helmet and a current model (SA2015.)

The cost is presently $475.00. Why, because the work is done at Bells manufacturing plant (Bahrain) and your helmet first has to be returned to Bell. We control this process for you.

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think snell sa2020

We have had a lot of interest in this option. Matching your helmet’s lining to your car is very tempting. Next year (October) manufacturers will be able to release their SA2020 helmets. Plan ahead and pre-order for a timely arrival.