GMG Porsche Seat Base - with Side Brackets

GMG Porsche Seat Base - with Side Brackets


We know it is difficult to mount aftermarket racing seats in the majority of Porsche vehicles. This is due to their limited interior space, the center console and a protruding door panel.  GMG's Porsche Seat Base has been designed to utilize the factory seat mountings. The mount provides a low-profile, flat surface base plus side brackets that allows sufficient adjustments to fit many FIA/SFI homologated bucket race seats - see below.

Features include:-

  • Integrated sub-strap bar negates the need for an additional strap mounting plate.
  • Plate offers provision for factory seat belt receptacle.
  • Multiple rail mounting holes allow for lateral seat adjustment and a wide number of seat widths.
  • Four-bolts rail mounts greatly minimizes the chance of flexing compared to two-bolt rails.
  • Truly a bolt-in solution. The base requires no modification to the chassis.


Seat Compatibility: Here is a list of popular seats that can be used with the base - however compatibility is not limited to these seats. Please call, message or email us for more seats we can recommend.

  • Sparco: Evo, Evo II, Evo II-US, Pro-ADV, Pro 2000, SPX
  • Sabelt: GT-160 (medium and large)
  • Recaro: SPG, Pole Position
  • Cobra; Sebring Pro-Fit, Misano

Vehicle Fitment:

  • All 991-gen, 997-gen, 996-gen 911's
  • All 987, 986, 981-gen Caymans and Boxsters
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