AiM Sports SOLO 2/SOLO 2 DL

The new Solo 2 is a hot product. It is going to be the must have data-acquisition purchase for both racers and performance enthusiasts.

The Solo 2 is much faster and more precise now receiving the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass (Russia's version of the GPS.)
The power ON requires only a few seconds and the lap times are calculated with a max 2/100 sec of tolerance!



Seven backlite color screens to choose from.

Configurable RGB LEDS for a clear and fast indication of best lap comparisons

The SOLO 2 can manage different types of races.

  • Speed races in a closed circuit
  • Point-to-point races
  • Regularity
  • Performance tests (0-100 km/h etc.)

In every configuration the SOLO 2 will give the proper information during the test followed by powerful data review after each session.

aim solo 2 track 1.jpg

click the switch and...

The SOLO 2 will search for your track - there's more than 3,000 tracks from all over the world stored in its database. Beyond knowing where you are the SOLO 2 recognizes the track's starting line coordinates and starts sampling lap times.

For an unknown track - not a problem, the SOLO 2 will enter its 'autolearning' mode. It will automatically understand the characteristics of the track and will still give the lap time - pretty cool.

Plus now the predictive lap time is much more reliable.

Quick Data recall to your screen(s). The Wi-Fi connection is now easy, fast - no connectors nor cables


connections & the solo 2 dl

iPhone connection - gives you an immediate and comfortable data analysis for managing the track. And if you purchase the SOLO 2 DL you will also have the most important parameters of your engine.

The SOLO 2 DL is for ECU connection. There are more than 1,000 protocols for 1,000+ ECU in the database. Should your ECU protocol not be in the database you can create your own. There's an ECU Driver Builder in the Race Studio 3 configuration software.

SmartyCam HD connection. Get the data from your ECU, merge it with the GPS information, transmit all to your SmartyCam HD and there will be a graphical overlay in the video.